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Confidential Sexual Health Clinic in Brisbane CBD

At CBD 7-Day Medical Centre, we provide a comprehensive range of sexual health care services to suit your needs. Whether you want advice, information or treatment, our friendly team of doctors can quickly diagnose and organise the necessary testing and treatment. Our pathology testing centre is right next door to our clinic and offers bulk billing. It is open 7 days and results are generally available in 72 hours.

We are now offering appointments for PREP (pre exposure prophylaxis) with Dr John Skala, now available on the National Health Scheme. While we do provide HIV test, at this time we are not prescribing treatment for HIV infection.  Please call Biala on 07 3837 5611 for this.

  • PREP – Prescribing. Our Doctors are now prescribing PREP. (HIV prophylaxis)
  • You will need to have an initial full STI screen and then testing every 3 months before getting your next prescription.
  • Bulk Billing is available for pathology testing 7 days a week.


When it comes to contraception, we believe it’s important to understand all the options available. From condoms and the contraceptive pill to implants and the IUCD, we can educate and advise you on the best option for your specific situation. If you’re already using a contraceptive pill but want to try something else, we can help to find a solution that’s right for you.


We recommend and stock the vaccine for the prevention of the human papillomavirus (warts) virus in men and women. HPV is the cause of many cervical cancers in women, and oral cancers in both sexes. You will need up to three vaccinations over six months and the cost is $260 each. If you have private health insurance with extras, some of this may be refunded.

Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Mycoplasma testing

Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Mycoplasma testing is available for male and female patients of all ages. Undiagnosed chlamydia infections are the main contributing factor towards infertility in females so it’s important to get tested regularly.

STD and STI testing and treatment

If you’re concerned that you may have picked up a sexually transmitted disease or infection, call our practice or request an appointment 07 3211 3611. Our caring and discrete team have a wealth of experience dealing with all kinds of STDs and STIs, offering all the information, advice and treatment necessary to ensure that it’s taken care of. Our clinic is gay-friendly and we can also issue sexual health certificates upon request.

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